To locate all/facilities within a 30 meter search/control area

Instruments Used:

Metro Tech 810

  • Higher frequency
  • Preset needs no adjustments
  • More accurate depths

Fugi PL 960-AC

  • Higher frequency
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Superior for blind sweeps
  • Good for finding stub lines

Radiodetection 4000/8000

  • Multi frequency
  • Good for locating target facilities, in congested areas
  • Good for tracing long distances (Up to 10 KMs)
  • Shows signal strength of target line
  • Accurate for depths

Metal Detector

  • Good for finding metallic items (ie; Abandoned well casings, Piles, Culverts, Miscellaneous metallic debris.)

*3M Dyna-Tel 2550 ID

  • This instrument is used for programming and finding ID balls and plates, which are buried at the end of pipelines and well casings

All our Crews carry the above equipment
*When required